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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Artifacts Embedded in Suevite Reported from Malaysia ?????

Artifacts Embedded in Suevite Reported from Malaysia ?????

Paul bristolia at
Thu Jan 29 17:46:20 EST 2009

Does anyone know about this "discovery"?

USM Archaeological discovery can change world history
Article Released Thu-29th-January-2009 09:43 GMT
Mohamad Abdullah Institution: Universiti Sains Malaysia

In part the article stated:

"Penang, Malaysia 29 January – In a press conference this morning, The Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia (CARM) announced evidence of human existence in Malaysia from approximately 1.83 million years ago."

Also, it stated:

"The advance study at Bukit Bunuh of Lenggong in the state of Perak,
Malaysia was conducted in 2008. This new evidence consists of stone
tools artefacts such as hand axe and flake tools. Those artefacts were
found cemented in a rock called suevite, a type of rock formed by
the impact of meteorite. The rock has been dated using a fission track
dating method in Geochronology Lab in Japan, Tokyo, and discloses
a date of approximately 1.83 ± 0.61 million years old."

and it stated:

"Handaxe that was made out of suevite has also been discovered.
Meteorite impact had caused the native stone to melt and formed a
new stone called suevite. This impact has been substantiated by the
presence of suevite, crossed- lamellar microstructure on quartz,
physical anomaly evidence and geomorphology evidence of an
impact crater. The distribution of suevite is approximately 3-4 km2"

Does anyone know about the this alleged meteorite impact crater?

Another article is:

Leggong had early humans 1.8m years ago (updated)

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