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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Downloadable PDF Files (Papers) About the Impact Origin of Moon

Downloadable PDF Files (Papers) About the Impact Origin of Moon

Paul bristolia at
Wed Jan 28 10:33:24 EST 2009

Dear Friends,

Links to downloadable PDF files of paper concerning the impact origin
of Moon can be found in “EART 206 -Great Papers in the Earth
Sciences” at:

They are:

1. Newsom, H. and S.R. Taylor, 1989, Geochemical implications of the
formation of the Moon by a single giant impact, Nature. vol. 338, pp. 29-344.

2. Benz, W., Slattery, W.L. and A.G. Cameron, Snapshots from a three-
dimensional modeling of a giant impact, in Origin of the Moon
(Hartmann, Phillips and Taylor, eds.), pp. 617-620, Lunar and Planetary
Institute Press, Houston, 1986.

3. Canup, R. M., and E. Asphaug, 2001, Origin of the moon in a giant
impact near the end of the Earth formation, Nature,, vol. 412, pp. 708-712.

4. Asphaug, E., C. B. Agnor, and Q. Williams, Hit-and-run planetary
collisions. Nature. vol. 439, pp. 155-160.


Paul H.

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