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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Meteorite Impact Structures in Sundaland ???

Meteorite Impact Structures in Sundaland ???

Paul bristolia at
Thu Jan 29 17:53:41 EST 2009

Does anyone know anything about these so-called impact structures?

HC potential of meteorite impact structures, focus on Sundaland

This talk states:

"Several impact structures have been recently discovered in pre-Tertiary
Peninsular Malaysia. In the Langkawi islands three of four arcuate
ridges are associated with cleaved quartz that crops out as a sill and dyke
complex. Other shock-metamorphic features include ribbon quartz and
mosaicism. The two major craters, named Mahsuri Rings, partially overlap and
each is about 2.4 km across. In 280o - 100o direction their centres are 600
metres apart."


"Another proven impact structure is the Paloh Ring that straddles the state
boundary between Terengganu and Pahang. The proof consists of planar
deformation features (PDFs) and mosaicism in vein quartz intruded into
undivided Carboniferous metasedimentary strata that compose the lower
eastern slope of the 623m high Paloh peak."

Does anyone know anything about these alleged impact craters?


Paul H.

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