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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Where to Look for Meteorites

Where to Look for Meteorites

Paul bristolia at
Tue Apr 28 16:13:18 EDT 2009

Below is a paper and a web page that might provide some
hints as to where to look for meteorites.

Matmon, A., O. Simhai, R. Amit, I. Haviv, N. Porat, E. McDonald,
L. Benedetti, and R. Finkel, 2009, Desert pavement–coated
surfaces in extreme deserts present the longest-lived landforms
on Earth. Geological Society of America Bulletin. v. 121, no. 5-6,
p. 688-697. doi:10.1130/B26422.1

A related web page is “Matmon Ari Research Interests” at:

“Paran Plains, a typical environment in the Near East … The
combined surface and subsurface samples indicate that the
surface and its particles have not eroded for millions of years.”

The above web page also has a picture of a small erosional crater. at:

“A small (4X5 km2) erosional crater (Makhtesh Katan). Active
channel sediment, sediment from Pleistocene terraces, and
bedrock samples were collected for cosmogenic isotope
analyses. Preliminary results suggest a cliff retreat rate and
enlargement of the crater at a rate of ~70 m/Ma.”


Paul H.

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