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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Plagiarism Sleuths (was No Subject)

Plagiarism Sleuths

Paul bristolia at
Thu May 28 14:32:06 EDT 2009

I found the following paper in Science rather interesting.

Couzin-Frankel, J., and J. Grom, 2009, Plagiarism Sleuths. Science.
vol. 324, no. 5930, pp. 1004-1007, DOI: 10.1126/science.324_1004

Some related web pages and papers are:

Deja Vu: a Database of Highly Similar and Duplicate Citations

Errami, M., H. Garner, N. Rifai, P. M. Bossuyt, and D. E. Bruns,
2008, Identifying Duplicate Publications: Primum non Nocere.
Clinical Chemistry. vol. 54, pp. 777-778.

Errami , M., J. M. Hicks , W. Fisher, D. Trusty, J. D. Wren,
T. C. Long, and H, R. Garner, 2008, Déjà vu—A study of
duplicate citations in Medline. Bioinformatics. vol. 24,
no. 2, pp. 243-249; doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btm574

Errami, M., and H. Garner, 2008, Commentary, A tale of two
citations. Nature. vol. 451, pp. 397-399 doi:10.1038/451397a



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