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Friday, 7 August 2009

Meteoritewrongs and Fossil Footprintwrongs

Meteoritewrongs and Fossil Footprintwrongs

Paul bristolia at
Fri Aug 7 08:24:32 EDT 2009

Dear Friends,

Just as newspapers have a habit of reporting all sorts of fanciful and questionable
stories about meteoritewrongs, they also have a habit of reporting stories about
fossil “footprintwrongs” without really taking the time and trouble to verify their
validity. The latest pseudofossil to make the news comes from British

Mysterious footprint found in Hudson's Hope, - ‎Aug 4, 2009‎

Forgotten footstep? Prince George Citizen, August 5, 2009‎

Did gardener find fossilized footprint? by Susan Lazaruk, The Province, August 7, 2009.

Is Bigfoot's footprint preserved in stone? Calgary Herald, August 6, 2009

The alleged footprint is just part of a rock that weathered and eroded faster than
the material surrounding it. This resulted in a depression that vaguely looks like a
footprint. It must have been a very slow news day.

Paleontologists and geologists are plagued with pseudofossils just as much as
people collecting and studying meteorites are plagued with meteorwrongs. Each
year, I get numerous ones. However, as they say, a person has kiss a lot of frogs
before they find either the prince or princess.

Best Regards,

Paul Heirnich

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