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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Questions About 1490 Ch'ing-yang, Shansi Event

Questions About 1490 Ch'ing-yang, Shansi Event

by Paul Heinrich
Tue Dec 29 16:55:40 EST 2009

Larry wrote:

"For all of his "research" on these falls, Lewis did not
make any effort to try to validate the events beyond his
interpretation of the writings. It has been a long time
since I read the book or talked to him about it."

This brings up some questions about the alleged 1490
falls in Ch'ing-yang, Shansi, China.

1. Are exact citations and translations of the text from
the reports that Lewis interpreted as describing an massive
meteorite fall and thousands of death in 1490 available

2. Has anyone else examined and commented in detail
on the contents of these reports in regard to a possible
meteorite fall and associated deaths in 1490?

Given the nature of the proposed 1490 meteorite fall,
it would be quite fascinating to be able to read the
translations of the primary Chinese text and learn exactly
what is written in them about this event. If there is any
credible information at all in in these reports that supports
such a massive event, it seems like a person could prepare
a publishable paper alone that presents the translated text
concerning what, if anything, happened in 1490, and the
text's interpretation.

Because of the spectacular nature of this hypothesized
event, it seems like more could be written about it then
the short excerpts that I have been able to find.


Paul H.

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