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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Abstract About Younger Dryas Event Record In Midwest Lake Deposits

Abstract About Younger Dryas Event Record In Midwest Lake Deposits

Paul Heinrich oxytropidoceras at
Sun Feb 21 23:57:21 EST 2010

Dear Friends,

I came across the following abstract about ongoing research
concerning trhe Younger Dryas impact hypothesis. It is:

Gill, J. L., J. P. Marsicek, J. P. Donnelly, B. Simonson, and
J. W. Williams, 2009, Do lake sediment records show evidence
of a Younger Dryas impact event or its potential ecological effects?
Abstract COS 13-5, The 94th ESA Annual Meeting (August 2 --
7, 2009) Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In part, the abstract states:

"We collected sediment cores from Appleman and Spicer
Lakes, IN, Silver Lake, OH, and Kirchner Marsh, MN, with
radiocarbon-dated records spanning the YD. Our sites are
ideally situated to record regional environmental responses
to a nearby impact."

It concludes:

"Results from LOI, magnetics, microspherules, charcoal and
XRF do not show the signatures predicted for a YD event.
Vegetation reconstructions are still in progress as of the time
of this abstract, but at Appleman, the Sporormiella decline
precedes the YD. We are continuing analyses to determine
whether this apparent discrepancy between the predictions of
the YD impact hypothesis and the lack of evidence in lake
sediments persist across sites."

It is part of the "COS 13 - Paleoecology" session at:


Paul H.

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