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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Martian Meteorwrongs for sale on Ebay

Martian Meteorwrongs for sale on Ebay

Paul Heinrich oxytropidoceras at
Sun Feb 21 09:58:35 EST 2010

Dear Friends,

There some Martian Meteorwrongs for sale on Ebay at
either or

They include
1. "Martian Fossil Meteorite" ball containing BV fossil,
2. "Martian Fossil Meteorite" containing fossil BV/HC/RBC ,
and 3. "Martian Iron Meteorite" containing fossil BV/HC/RBC

In the "Martian Fossil Meteorite" containing fossil BV/HC/RBC ," at
either or
the person states:

"Uniqueness: Pretty scarlet blood vessel remains are visible
with a simple magnifier.

Origin: Mars

Age: Over 2.5 billion years old

Content: fossilized blood vessels and red blood cells

Size: About 9 X 4 X 4 centimeters

Shape: a Chinese big seal

Unique feature: contains fossilized remains of blood vessels and
osteon canals, which are the distinguishing feature of animal
compact bones."


"I recently found many meteorites actually contain fossils of Mars.

They are from Mars because there are thousands upon thousands
of meteorites that possess fossils of mammals. Thousands of
mammals could not have lived in asteroids, for they needed a
complex ecosystem to sustain them, such as water source,
vegetation, other smaller animals, etc. So, they must have originated
from a planet, not asteroids. Mars, rather than any other planet, is
the only possible planet that originated those fossil meteorites."

The same person also has a 290 million-year old "Fossil Hominid"
bone, "Antique primate leg bone fossil 290 million years old,"
for sale at

A blog about the "primate" pseudofossil, actually a siderite
concretion, can be found in "Convinced You Found a 230
MYA Human Fossil? Sell it on eBay for 2-3 Mil!" at
either or

and in "$3 million “primate fossil” on eBay, Journal of
ImprobableResearch at:


Paul H.

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