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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Non Meteorite Crater Photo- Guatemala

Non Meteorite Crater Photo
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 12:52 PM
*Jeff Kuyken* wrote:

"It's CNN and all over the web. It's real. If you look in the pic
you can see the emergency services barracades down the street.
Ohhh... and these"

This is absolutely amazing. Whatever caused this sinkhole is
considerably serious than either the " result of rainwater
saturating the ground" or leaking sewage lines mentioned in
some reports. Also, there is not any of the surface evidence
that should be present, if a landslide was involved. Whoever
can get down there to study it has a publishable peer-reviewed
paper in hand.

I can't think how to explain this.

Some pictures of this sinkhole are:

1. Giant sinkhole in Guatemala looks as if it goes to centre of
the Earth, National Post.

2. Guatemala SinkHole Raises Eyebrows (side view of sinkhole)

3. Guatemala Sinkhole: Giant Crater Opens in Guatemala City (another side view)

4. The original photographs can be found at:


Paul H.

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