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Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Paper About Kamil Crater, Egypt

New Paper About Kamil Crater, Egypt

A paper about the rayed Kamil Crater in Egypt has 
been published online in advanced of its publication 
in “Geology.” It is:

Folco, L., M. Di Martino, A. El Barkooky, M. D'Orazio, A. 
Lethy, S. Urbini, I. Nicolosi, M. Hafez, C. Cordier, M. van 
Ginneken, A. Zeoli, A. M. Radwan, S. El Khrepy, M. El 
Gabry, M. Gomaa, A. A. Barakat, R. Serra, and M. El 
Sharkawi, 2011, Kamil Crater (Egypt): Ground truth 
for small-scale meteorite impacts on Earth. Geology
published online January 5, 2011, doi: 10.1130/G31624.1

The Kamil Crater provides a example of what a small,
45 meter in diameter, impact crater looks like before 
it is modified by erosion and information about the 
mechanics of meter-scale impacts. It also indicates
that iron meteorites with masses of tens of tons may 
be able to penetrate the atmosphere.


Paul H.

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