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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Meteorite crater found on mount Ararat?

Meteorite crater found on mount Ararat?

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Michael posted, 

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Its coordinates are 39˚ 47' 30''N, 44˚ 14' 40''E. 

The above URL is to an article, “Meteorite crater found on 
mount Ararat?” that appeared on February 8, 2011 in the 
“Science & Technology” section of Articles to the 
same study also appeared back in November of 2010 on 
various web sites including: 

1. Armenian Weekly, Meteorite Crater on Mt Ararat?

and 2. Unrecorded Meteorite Crater Found On Mount 
Ararat? Armenian Diaspora, November 2010.

A PDF version of the preprint is: 

Gurzadyan, V. G., and S. Aarseth, 2010, A meteorite 
crater on Mt. Ararat? Earth and Planetary Astrophysics 
(astro-ph.EP) Cornell University, arXiv:1011.3715v1 

Abstract at
PDF file at

Looking at their picture of their hypothesized “crater,” 
it looks nothing like either an impact crater or volcanic 
crater. The depression that they illustrate lacks any 
indication of a rim that is composed of either impact 
ejecta or pyroclastic debris. Also, the bedrock that is 
exposed along the rim of the feature lacks any obvious 
signs of any deformation. Judging from the photograph, 
rock has simply collapsed into the depression instead 
of having been ejected from it. 

From all appearances, the depression reported from 
Mt Ararat looks like a rather run-of-the-mill collapsed 
roof of a lava tube. In their initial stages, such roof 
collapses can have a quite circular outline. Also, 
collapsed lava tubes would be common on a volcano 
like Mt Ararat. Such as interpretation is consistent 
with what can be seen in the photograph. 

From a previous post, some examples of collapsed lava tubes are: 

1. The Desert Caves Project

2. Collapsed Lava Tube, Craters of the Moon

3. Martian caves


Paul H.

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