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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Central American Tektite Strewn Field ( Mayanites )

New Central American Tektite Strewn Field ( Mayanites )

In "Mayanites- a New Tektite Strewnfield",

Scott Johnson wrote:

"Hi Brian That is quite interesting news about 
a new tektite strewnfield up by Chaa creek 
there on the western edge of Belize."

The web site, which he cited is "A New American 
Strewn Filed discovered in western Belize by 
Jean H. Cornec, Geologist, September 2010, at:

A recent online abstract about this strewn field is:

Povenmire, H., R. S. Harris, and J. H. Cornec, 2011,
The New Central American Tektite Strewn Field.
42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
abstract no. 1224, 1 p.

A previous abstract is:

Izett, G. A., and G. P. Meeker, 1995, (super 40) Ar/ 
(super 39) Ar age and composition of tektites from 
Belize. Geological Society of America Abstracts 
with Programs. vol. 27, no. 6, p. 207.


Paul H.

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