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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Circle Features Found Using Google Earth

Circle Features Found Using Google Earth

The coordinates for a number of new circular features
found by various people using Google Earth are given in:

In Re: Consolidated Impact Crater Database post #1415796 by "ekafeman " at: 1415658

The two of the most interesting are:

1, Zhongcangxiang 2, China at 31°59'39.17"N 85° 9'13.94"E
This is about 18km WSW of Zhongcangxiang feature at
32° 2'40.34"N 85°20'1.97"E) It is about 0.03 km in diameter. 572974

Zhongcangxiang 2, like Zhongcangxiang, is a "conspicuous 
simple round depression." It is in a very distinct circular
in what appears to an otherwise featureless alluvial surface
of some sort.

2. Rodillo Beach (?), Chile at 26°58'32.26"S 70°47'27.83"W
Although it is only about 0.02 in diameter. This feature is
much more ambiguous. However, it still interesting. Anyone

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell what both of these 
features might be from aerial photography alone. It is in
a location where anyone taking in the sun at Rodillo Beach
might be able to visit it.

The other circular features seem much less promising. Still,
it is interesting to see what sort of features people are finding
using Google Earth.

Best wishes,

Paul H.

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