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Thursday, 7 April 2011

NYT Story – Overseas and Local Distribution

NYT Story – Overseas and Local Distribution

“Overseas list members, if you have the opportunity, 
please peruse the International Herald Tribune to 
see if they picked up the story and run it in its entirety.”

By searching the International Herald Tribune web site,
I found that it was published in this newspaper on 
April 4 at:

The entire story also appeared in the Sydney Morning 
Herald as “Souvenirs from space,” April 7, 2011,

Also, it appeared at:

1. rssbroadcast,com, April 4, 2011

2., Australia, April 6, 2011.

3. Yahoo News

4. Daily Comet, Lafourche Parish Louisiana

5. A version of the New York Times story, “Il mercato nero 
dei meteoriti” appeared in the “Post” on April 6, 2011,

This entire text of this article is making the rounds
of the Internet. This is something that definitely needs to
be considered in any response. It certainly will make 
preparing an effective response to the article quite difficult
as it is being reprinted, in some cases under different
titles and in different languages, in a wild range of media 

To further complicate matters, the link to this article is
being posted a number of web sites. For example;

1. Egyptology News at:

2. environmental reporting at:

and 3. American Scientist


Paul H

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