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Monday, 6 June 2011

Age of Lonar Crater, India, Revised to 656 ± 81 ka

Age of Lonar Crater, India, Revised to 656 ± 81 ka

Dear Friends,

A recent paper published online in "Geology" formally 
revises the age of the Lonar Crater in India to 656 ± 81 ka

Jourdan, F., F. Moynier, C. Koeberl, and S. Eroglu, in press, 
40Ar/39Ar age of the Lonar crater and consequence for the
geochronology of planetary impacts. Geology, published 
online on 24 May 2011 as doi:10.1130/G31888.1

Jourdan, F. , F. Moynier, C. Koeberl, 2010, First 40Ar/39Ar 
Age of the Lonar Crater A ~0.65 MA Impact Event? 41st 
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2010), Abstract
no. 1661.

“Conclusions: We propose a new impact age at 656 ±
81 ka for the Lonar crater. This age is based on 40Ar/39Ar 
analyses of several samples combined in a statistically 
robust global inverse isochron (MSWD =1.29; P =0.12). 
This age is in accordance with the preservation state of 
the crater.”

An online paper about the geology of the Lonar Crater is:

Maloof, A. C., Sarah T. Stewart, Benjamin P. Weiss, Samuel 
A. Soule, Nicholas L. Swanson-Hysell, Karin L. Louzada, 
Ian Garrick-Bethell, and Pascale M. Poussart, 2008, 
Geology of Lonar Crater, India, Geology. vol. 122, no. 1-2,
pp. 109-126.

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Paul H.

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