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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Evidence for Late Eocene Impact Generated Deposition, Georgia

 Evidence for Late Eocene Impact Generated Deposition, Georgia

PDF files concerning evidence for the Chesapeake bay impact 
in Georgia are available online. They are:

Harris, R. S., 2003, Evidence for Impact-Generated Deposition
on the Late Eocene Shore of Georgia. unpublished M.S. thesis,
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. 116 pp.
Harris, R. S., M. F. Roden, P. A. Schroeder, S. M. Holland, M. S. 
Duncan, and E. F. Albin, 2004, Geology. vol. 32, no. 8, p.p. 717-720
abstract -
PDF file -

PDF files of the chapters of a USGS study of the Chesapeake Bay 
Impact Structure can be found in:

Horton, W., Jr., D. S. Powars, and G. S. Gohn, 2005, Studies of the 
Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure -- The USGS-NASA Langley 
Corehole, Hampton, Virginia, and Related Coreholes and Geophysical 
Surveys. Professional Paper no. 1688, United States Geological
Survey, Reston , Virginia.
PDF files at :


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