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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Manmade Objects Found in Weird Places While Meteorite Hunting

Manmade Objects Found in Weird Places While Meteorite Hunting

Dear Friends,

As part of a short article, possibly paper, I am 
collecting accounts of out-of-place metal and other 
manmade objects that have been found in the middle 
of nowhere while meteorite hunting. I am looking
for examples of manmade objects that have been found 
in the mountains and on the dry lakes of the
southwestern United States, outback of Australia, 
or similar areas far from roads and inhabited areas. 
The article / paper needs accounts, which can be 
cited as personal communications, of manmade objects 
that have been found in places far from where they 
normally would be expected to be found. They are 
to be used as examples of how manmade objects get 
scattered all over the landscape often in the most
unexpected places in a geoarchaeology article / paper.

If possible, I would prefer separate emails, in addition
to what you post to this list. Digital pictures of such
objects that I might use in publications would be 
extremely useful.

I would be especially interested in accounts and pictures 
of spark plugs and other automobile parts that have been 
in either weird, unexpected, of out of the way places well
away from either roads or inhabited areas.

In return for such accounts, I am willing to do what
I can answer questions about geology that a person 
might have and find information or publications for 
which you are looking.

Best wishes,


Paul V. Heinrich
Louisiana Geological Survey
3079 Energy, Coast, and
      Environment Building
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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