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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

SW Auzzie hole in the ground

SW Auzzie hole in the ground

“in “SW Auzzie hole in the ground” at:
Mike wrote:

“Came across this Dec. 3, 2011 posting.

Would seem fantastical for it to actually be an 
impact crater within a dried up stock watering 
pond. . . .

Anyone on the list in that part of the world?”

The largest discontinuous ring is likely the rim of a 
stock pond because of its location in a dry valley 
and the road that connects directly to it. The circular
features within the rim of the stock pond look like 
“bathtub rings” that represent the former “shorelines” 
/ extents of the pond that formed as the pond dried up.

The coordinates for this feature, which is about
45 meters in diameter, are:

1. Northing 6,313,739, Easting 553,490
UTM Zone 50

2. latitude: 33 degrees 18’ 51” South
longitude: 117 degrees 34’ 29” East

It is in Lot 3286 Ballaying Road, 
Ballaying, West Australia, Australia

The experts in local geology are:

Geological Survey of Western Australia
Department of Mines and Petroleum
Mineral House, 100 Plain Street
East Perth, Western Australia 6004

Best wishes,

Paul H.

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