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Monday, 6 February 2012

RE: Land Side-by-Side Craters, Chad / Almahata Sitta Meteorite

RE: Land Side-by-Side Craters, Chad / Almahata Sitta  Meteorite

In "Land Side-by-Side Craters, Chad" at
Mr. Kramer wrote,

"Wasn't Chad where they found those meteorites
not too long ago? The ones from the observed meteor

You might be thinking about the Almahata Sitta
Meteorite, which fell in Sudan in 2008. It was the first
one observed and predicted to impact Earth while it
was still in space. When it did fall to Earth, it made a
spectacular fireball. Some articles are:

Almahata Sitta Meteorite Could Come from Triple
Asteroid Mash-Up, ScienceDaily (Oct. 7, 2011)

Almahata Sitta, Meteoritical Bulletin Database

2008 TC3, Wikipedia

Some PDF files

Asteroid 2008 TC3, Almahata Sitta, Nubian desert, Sudan. Talk

Jenniskens, P. and others, 2009, The impact and
recovery of asteroid 2008 TC3. Nature. vol. 458,
no. 7237, pp. 485-488.
Other papers at

Bichoff, A., and others, 2010, Asteroid 2008 TC3 –
Almahata Sitta: A spectacular breccia containing
many different ureilitic and chondritic lithologies.
Meteoritics & Planetary Science. vol. 45, no. 10-11,
pp. 1638–1656.

Burton, A. S., and others, 2011, Heterogeneous
distributions of amino acids provide evidence of
multiple sources within the Almahata Sitta parent
body, asteroid 2008 TC3. Meteoritics & Planetary
Science. vol. 46, no.11, pp. 1703-1712.

Paul H

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