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Monday, 11 June 2012

Hollow meteorite on ebay

Hollow meteorite on ebay

In “hollow meteorite on ebay“ at:
Werner Schroer wrote:

“I just found this interesting looking specimen on ebay.

Are there any other hollow meteorites out there? ;)”

This is does not look at all like a meteorite. It looks
like a classic example of an ordinary hollow hematite
/ goethite concretion, which is common known
by rockhounds as either “Indian paint pots” or
“rattle stones.”

For examples, see pictures in “Goethite” at:,73,216497,216497

1. Goethite, USA, Ohio, Licking Co., Washington
Township Weathered concretion.,73,216497,216497

2. Goethite 2.5cm wide,73,216497,216497

Concretions of Garvies Point

I have seen outcrops in Louisiana, i.e. the sand pit at
Eddie Jones State Park, Caddo Parish, where numerous
concretions identical to this eBay specimen had eroded
out and were eroding of the ground by erosion.

Some random papers about such concretions are:

Loope, D. B., R. M. Kettler, K. A. Weber, N. L. Hinrichs, and
D. T. Burgess, 2012 , Rinded iron-oxide concretions:
Hallmarks of altered siderite masses of both early and
late diagenetic origin: Sedimentology. Article first
published online: 12 MAR 2012

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South Carolina. The Journal of Geology. vol. 56, no. 3,
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and the climatological factors which limited their
distribution in the Dutch Pleistocene, 2. The climatological
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van Loef, J. J., 2000, Composition and genesis of
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Paul H.