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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hunting Dinosaurs in Alaska (Colville River)

Hunting Dinosaurs in Alaska (Colville River)

Field geologists break rocks, bones while searching
for dinosaur fossils in Alaska by Doug Hissom,
Baltimore Post-Examiner, Oct. 16, 2102

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Alaska Dinosaurs (BLM)

Rich, T. H., 2008, Tunnelling for dinosaurs in the high
Arctic. Deposits Magazine. vol. 16, pp. 18-22.
PDF file at

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Re: Colville River, North Slope Alaska, Dinosaur Fossils Questions

The Strange Lives of Polar Dinosaurs by Mitch Leslie
Smithsonian Magazine, December 2007

The dinosaur killing field of northern Alaska
by Ned Rozell / Alaska Science Forum

Recent Book

Gangloff, R. A., 2012, Dinosaurs Under the Aurora.
University of Indiana Press, University of Indiana,
Indianapolis, IN.

There are a seemingly endless number of peer-reviewed
papers about the paleontology, stratigraphy, and
sedimentology of the Liscomb Bone Bed that I cannot
even begin to list.

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