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Friday, 8 February 2013

Louisiana & Earth Science

Louisiana & Earth Science

In “Louisiana & earth science”at
Johan Mineral wrote:

"Planning vacation for Louisiana New Orleans –
Baton Rouge area. What are your suggestions for
earth science related activities: museums, digs, ..."

The best summary of the type of information that exists
for which you are looking is found in "Rockhounding
Louisiana" at

Of the books that she lists, the one that a person visiting
Louisiana definitely should get is Darwin Spearing's
“Roadside Geology of Louisiana,” which was published
by Mountain Press.

An article about fossil hunting in Louisiana is "Fossil
Hunting in Louisiana Gravels" at:

PDF files of Louisiana geological maps can be found at:

General PDF files about Louisiana geology can be found at:

A nice fieldtrip guidebook about Katrina and New
Orleans is “Hurricane Katrina - What Happened?
A Field Trip The Geology of the Katrina Disaster in
New Orleans” by Stephen A. Nelson, Dept. Earth &
Environmental Sciences, Tulane University at

PDF file at:

The local museums are

1. International Petroleum Museum & Exposition
Morgan City, Louisiana

2. Louisiana Museum of Natural History
Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3. Lafayette Science Museum, Lafayette, Louisiana

The best source of information for your inquiries are
local gem and mineral societies. Contact information
for them can be found in "Louisiana Gem and Mineral Clubs" at

Baton Rouge Gem & Mineral Society
40443 Sycamore Ave
Gonzales, Louisiana 70737
Meeting Place: Marriott Hotel - Baton Rouge
Meeting Time: 4th Tuesday, 7:00PM
Primary Contact: Ray Duplechain
Phone: [225] 978-0031

Gem and Mineral Society of Louisiana
P.O. Box 51527
New Orleans, Louisiana 70151
Meeting Place: University of New Orleans,
Geological Bldg., Room 1000, Lakeshore Drive, NOLA
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm - Second Monday of each Month, except July
Primary Contact: Levette Carlos
E-Mail: ljcarlos[at]
Phone: [985] 643-6610
Secondary Contact: Mary Lou Shannon-Fuerst
E-Mail: jerseydevil1974[at]
Phone: [504] 285-2950

Some Informative Web Pages

Louisiana Gravel Fossils and Agates

Also, a person can search the "Fossil Forum" for posts
about Louisiana fossils at .

Finally, there is the "Louisiana Fossil Page" at:

If you have any specific questions, you can contact
the geologists at the Louisiana Geological Survey at

Best wishes,


Paul H.