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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rare Earth Elements in Alaskan Uranium Mountain

Rare Earth Elements in Alaskan Uranium Mountain

In "Rare Earth Elements in Alaskan Uranium Mountain" at ,
Glenn noted the below article:

Radioactive Mountain is Key in US Rare-Earth Woes
Becky Oskin, LiveScience, June 11, 2013

and BK added another article:

Alaska’s Billion Dollar Mountain by Daniel Grushkin
Bloomsberg Businessweek Magazine, October 27, 2011

The geology of the Bokan Mountain is discussed in
the below open access publications:

Long, K. R., B. S. Van Gosen, N. K. Foley, and
D. Cordier, 2010, The Principal Rare Earth Elements
Deposits of the United States—A Summary of
Domestic Deposits and a Global Perspective.
Scientific Investigations Report 2010–5220

MacKevett, E. M., Jr., 1963, Geology and ore deposits
of the Bokan Mountain uranium-thorium area,
southeastern Alaska. Bulletin No. 1154. United States
Geological Survey. 125 pp.

(The above publication has geological maps)

Philpotts, J. A., C. D. Taylor, C. D., M. Tatsumoto, and
H. E. Belkin, 1988, Petrogenesis of late-stage granites
and Y-REE-Zr-Nb-enriched vein dikes of the Bokan
Mountain stock, Prince of Wales Island, southeastern
Alaska. Open-File Report 98-459. United States
Geological Survey. 71 pp.

Warner, D. J., and J. C. Barker, 1989, Columbium-
and Rare Earth-Bearing Deposits at Bokan Mountian,
Southeast Alaska. Open File Report 33-89. United
States Geological Survey. 196 pp.


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