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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Your Digital Pictures Can Tell About You

What Your Digital Pictures Can Tell About You

People, who take pictures, might not realize that
smartphones, digital cameras often record all
sorts data about how, when, and even where in
some cases a picture was taken. Many cameras
record this information as meta-data that is
embedded in image files in a digital format called
"Exif Metadata" as discussed in:

Tools for Managing EXIF Data of your Images

Exchangeable image file format

Also, the EXIF Data might record when and how it
was modified depending on the software used.

If you want to see what image data is embedded
in yours or another person's picture, there are various
Exif Viewers, both online and available as software
that can be used to extract this data.

Even if you are not interested in this data, there are
people and companies that are examining the
pictures that you and other people posted to the
Internet using this data for their own purposes. If
you have a smart phone or camera with a built-in
GPS, it is scary what people can find out you and
where you have been.

Some online Exif Viewers are:

1. -

2. Jeffrey's Exif viewer -


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