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Monday, 17 March 2014

CNN News---Could meteor have hit Flight 370

CNN News---Could meteor have hit Flight 370

In "Re: [meteorite-list] CNN News---Could meteor
have hit Flight 370" at
Michael Farmer wrote,

> On Mar 12, 2014, at 8:55 AM, Don wrote:


>They are grasping for straws now.

Unfortunately, it is the typical mindless and cliche
speculation, often later followed by min-black holes
and superquarks, that gets thrown out when either a
plane or ship mysteriously disappears and there is a
lack of any hard data on which to construct a rational
hypothesis. It is not that CNN is "grasping for straws"
to explain this utterly heartbreaking disappearance.
Instead CNN is grasping for anything to print in the
absence of anything new and significant to report in
order to keep their audience entertained.

Bolides are being used to explained numerous
reports of loud noises and reports of aircraft crashes
that people are trying to link to the disappearance
of Flight MH370.

Go see " Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost" at

In it, SLFplatine wrote

>Quote (Brika):
>>Not to forget Malaysian police reporting hearwitness
>>accounts of a loud bang near coast off Kota Bharu.
>And along with the oil rig workers eyewitness (600
>kilomètre distant we should add here) -a meteorite
>would produce the same hear/eye witness accounts.

The most interesting and professional discussion of
this unfolding tragedy, which I have found, is "Malaysian
Airlines MH370 contact lost" at

Alaos, there is:

DigitalGlobe launches crowdsource search for missing
Malaysian plane by Kristen Leigh Painter, The Denver Post

Crowdsourcing volunteers comb satellite photos for
Malaysia Airlines jet by M. Martinez and J. Newsome, CNN

Missing Airplane: Malaysia Air Flight370


Paul H.