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Monday, 26 May 2014

Online NASA Translation of Soviet Tektite Paper

Online NASA Translation of Soviet Tektite Paper

While looking for some other information, I came across
the below, interesting online, Public Domain paper about
tektites that was translated from the Soviet literature.

Vorobyev, G. G. 1973, What do you know About Tektites.
Translation of "Chto Vy Znayete o Tektitakh?" Moscow,
"Nauka" Press, 1966, 112 pages. NASA techdoc no. 19730020646
(Report no. ASA TT F-15,052) National Areonautics and
Space Administration, Washington DC, August 1, 1973.

The abstract reads:

“The discovery and geographical distribution of tektites is
presented and analyzed in this popular account of tektites.
Uses made of tektites by ancient and present-day peoples
are examined as possibly indicative of tektite origins.
The various theories on the origin of tektites are weighed.
Field collection of tektites in South Czechoslovakia is
described. The rise and waning and revival of interest in
tektites is traced. Tektite strewnfields are delineated and
related to possible impact of asteroids or lunar material
on the earth.”


Paul H.