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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Interesting Paper About Pseudo-Impact Craters

Interesting Paper About Pseudo-Impact Craters

I came across an interesting paper about crater-like
landforms that were formed by erosional processes.

It is:

Seward, C. L., Jr. and I. D. Boone, 1966, Erosion
Craters Kimble County, Texas. Texas Journal of
Science. vol. XVIII, no. 2, pp.184-190.

They looked at numerous small crater-like features
that they noticed in the Llano River valley in the
Junction, Texas, area. Instead of finding impact
craters, which they expected these features to be,
they found features to be erosional origin. They
suggested that similar pseudo-impact craters likely
would be created by similar climatic and geologic
conditions and could be found elsewhere.


Paul H.