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Sunday, 26 October 2014

"The Cloud" - Great Ted Talk About Being A Scientist

"The Cloud" - Great Ted Talk About Being A Scientist

This is a great Ted Talk that speaks to a part
of conducting science that scientists do not
normally talk about to the lay public

Uri Alon, 2013, Why truly innovative science
demands a leap into the unknown
TEDGlobal 2013, Film 2013.

There is a web page with materials that give
advice about being a scientist. It is:

Materials for Naturing Young Scientists,
Uri Alon Lab, at:

It has papers about choosing research topics,
how not to a seminar, and so forth.

For an unrelated story about misadventures
in the peer-review process, go see;

When @#%$! is your imaginary co-author,
Sifter Science News, AAAS

The true story of Stronzo Bestiale (and other
scientific jokes) by vito tartamella, Parolacce,
Oct. 5, 2014


Paul H.