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Friday, 20 February 2015

Blue Amber – was "Great Articles About Fake Amber…"

Blue Amber – was "Great Articles About Fake Amber…"

In "[Rockhounds] Great Articles About Fake Amber
and the "Piltdown Fly" at
Axel wrote:

"Indeed Don, amber from the Santiago Mine, Dominican
Republic, fluoresces blue. It is somewhat paler yellow than
the average amber in normal light, but still quite yellow."

A study was done oif the "blue amber" by Bellani et al.
(2005). They concluded that "perylene is by far the most
probable candidate for fluorescence in blue Dominican
amber." They noted that perylene is commonly found in
marine, lake, and river sediments and likely originates
from the anaerobic diagenesis of organic matter of still
unknown character.

Bellani, V., E. Giulotto, L. Linati, and D. Sacchi, 2005,
Origin of the blue fluorescence in Dominican amber.
Journal of Applied Physics. vol. 97, article no. 016101.

Blue amber, Wikipedia


Paul H.

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