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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Deccan Traps ....

Deccan Traps ....

Alan Silverstein <ajs at> in “Deccan traps ....” at

>It seems that somewhere I read that the Deccan
>Traps lava flows might have been caused by the
>impact of the giant meteor called the Chicxulub impact...

>Apparently not so. Recent news:

>"Their results, published in the journal Science,
>show that the eruption began 250,000 years
>before the Chicxulub asteroid strike (66 million
>years ago) and continued for 500,000 years
>after the impact..."

Although the Deccan traps started erupting prior
to the Chicxulub asteroid impact, it has been
proposed that the Chicxulub asteroid impact
resulted in cataclysmic eruptions of the already
active, but relatively sluggish, Deccan trap fissure
eruptions. Go seee;

Extraterrestrial impact in Yucatán, lava floods
& Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, Mark Richards
University of Berkeley (former dean at Berkeley)

(The talk starts about 8 minutes into the video)

Richards, M., W. Alvarez, S. Self, L. Karlstrom,
P. Renne, M. Manga, and C. Sprain, 2014, Possible
Triggering of the Largest Deccan Eruptions by
the Chicxulub Impact. Geophysical Research
Abstracts, vol. 16, number, EGU2014-3042


Paul H.

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