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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lecture on Meteorites -Royal Tyrrell Museum

Lecture on Meteorites -Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum has some really nice
lecturs online. One of them about meteorites is:

Amy Riches, University of Alberta, Messages from
Meteorites: The Growth of Planets & The Delivery
of Possible Seeds of Life. Royal Tyrrell Museum
Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2015

Also, a 2012 lecture about terminal Pleistocene
extinctions is

Gary Haynes, Late Pleistocene megafaunal
extinctions and the unsettled timing of the first
human dispersals into North America. Royal
Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2015

Gray Haynes mentions briefly the use of fossils
of Sporormiella spp. to estimate the ages of
meagfauna extinctions in his lecture. How this is
done is discussed in:

Gill, J. L., J. W. Williams, S. T. Jackson, K. Lininger,
and G. S. Robinson, 2009, Pleistocene megafaunal
collapse preceded novel plant communities and enhanced
fire regimes," Science, vol.326, pp. 1100-1103.

Gill et al. (2009) found that " Megafaunal populations
collapsed from 14,800 to 13,700 years ago, well before
the final extinctions and during the Bolling-Allerod
warm period.

Burney, D. A., G. S. Robinson, and L. P. Burney,
2003, Sporormiella and the late Holocene extinctions
in Madagascar. Proceedings of the National
Academy of Science of the United States of America.
vol. 100, no. 19, pp. 10800–10805, article 1534700100

Mass Animal Extinctions, Not Climate Change,
Caused Major Shifts in Plant Communities, NFS


Paul H.

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