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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Online geology Lectures

Online geology Lectures

Amid the cat videos, stupid people tricks, and
other such stuff, there are some interesting
lectures on planetology that are on Youtube.

They include:

Impact Crater Geology & the Weaubleau/Osceola
Structure, Astronomy Lecture; May 2011KCAstronomy

Using Earth Analogues to Decode the Sedimentary
History of Mars, Marjorie A. Chan

The Geological History of Water on Mars and
Astrobiological Implications by Vic Baker

Mapping the Planets: Geology Stakes Its Claim
Hap McSween, Geological society of America

There is a wonderful series of lectures about geophysics
and petroleum geology that are on Youtube. They are a
great introduction to petroleum geology and geophysics.

They are:

Geophysics: Lecture 1. Introduction to Geophysics

Geophysics: Lecture 2. Wave Theory, refraction and reflection

Geophysics: Lecture 3. Petroleum, generation and migration

Geophysics: Lecture 4. Reservoirs, trapping mechanisms, porosity

Geophysics: Lecture 5. Electric (Wire line), SP and resistivity logs

Geophysics: Lecture 6. Gamma ray logs

Geophysics: Lecture 7. Well logging services. Interview with Jeff Keevan

Geophysics: Lecture 8. The porosity logs

Geophysics: Lecture 9. Isopach maps. Top of formation maps

Geophysics: Lecture 10. Fence Post Diagrams

Geophysics: Lecture 11. Introduction to Seismology

Geophysics: Lecture 12. Seismic Stratigraphy

Geophysics: Lecture 13. Sequence Stratigraphy Part 1

Geophysics: Lecture 14. Sequence Stratigraphy Part 2

There are also a series of similar lectures that discuss
sedimentology. The lectures also reminded me of the
joys, trials, and tribulations of being an undergraduate

Finally, there are a number of Earth science lectures
of the Houston Geological Society at:

Best wishes,


Paul H.

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