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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dating Moon-Forming Impact With Meteorites

Dating Moon-Forming Impact With Meteorites

Dating the moon-forming impact event with meteorites
University of Arizona, Scinece Daily, April 16, 2015

SwRI-led team studies meteorites from asteroids to
date Moon-forming impact. Debris from the Moon-
forming impact blasted main belt asteroids long ago,
but left behind traces of what happened. Southwest
Research Institute, San Antonio, April 16, 2015

The paper is:

Bottke, W. F., D. Vokrouhlicky, S. Marchi, T. Swindle,
E. R. D. Scott, J. R. Weirich, and H. Levison, 2015,
Dating the Moon-forming impact event with asteroidal
meteorites. Science. vol. 348, no. 6232, pp. 321-323


Paul H.

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