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Sunday, 13 December 2015

New Paper About Impact Origin of and Crater Location for Stac Fada Member (Scotland)

New Paper About Impact Origin of and Crater Location for Stac Fada Member (Scotland)

Since 2008, there has been an ongoing discussion about
whether the Stac Fada Member of the Stoer Formation of
the northwest coast of Scotland as to whether it is the
result of either a volcanic caldera eruption or an
extraterrestrial impact. Earlier, it was argued to be either
a fluidised peperite or a volcanic mudflow. The most recent
paper supports the impact origin of the Stac Fada Member
and proposes the location for a possible impact crater
beneath Scotland. It is:

Simms, M. J., 2015, The Stac Fada impact ejecta deposit
and the Lairg Gravity Low: evidence for a buried
Precambrian impact crater in Scotland? Proceedings of
the Geologists' Association. vol. 126, no. 6, pp. 742-761.
Abstract at

Online, there is:

Hossain, Md. S., 2015, Quantification of Impact-Induced
Structures: An Analysis of Stress- and Scale-Dependence of
Brittle Deformation Processes. unpublished PhD.
Technischen Universität München, Munich, Germany


Saunders, N. J., K. Amor, S. P. Hesselbo, and D. Porcelli,
2015, Geochemistry of a Precambrian impactite: The
Stac Fada Member, NW Scotland. Goldschmidt 2015 Abstracts

Meteorite impact and PGEs in Scotland
Christopher Spencer, Traveling Geologist, 2013,­­­­

A shocking discovery in Scotland with Tim Johnson
Christopher Spencer, Traveling Mineralogist, 2015,


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