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Friday, 22 January 2016

New Diamond-bearing Tourmaline Species Uncovered

New Diamond-bearing Tourmaline Species Uncovered

LSU Petrologist Uncovers New Diamond-bearing Tourmaline Species

Lussier, A., N. A. Ball, F. C. Hawthorne, D. J. Henry, R. Shimizu,
Y. Ogasawara, and T. Ota, ip, Maruyamaite,
K(MgAl2)(Al5Mg)Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3O, a potassium-dominant
tourmaline from the ultrahigh-pressure Kokchetav massif,
northern Kazakhstan: Description and crystal structure.
American Mineralogist, preprint.

Maruyamaite -

Lussier, A., Ball, N.A., Hawthorne, F.C., Henry, D.J., Shimizu,
R., Ogasawara, Y. and Ota, T. (2014) Maruyamaite, IMA
2013- 123. CNMNC Newsletter No. 20, June 2014, page 550;
Mineralogical Magazine, 78, 549-558.

Paul H.

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