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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dinosaur Eggs, Meteorites, Or Signs of an Ancient Civilisation?

Dinosaur Eggs, Meteorites, Or Signs of an Ancient Civilisation?

It is strange that whoever wrote the headline even considered that these concretions might be either
meteorites or dinosaur eggs. I guess those were added simply to get people to read the article.

Dinosaur eggs, meteorites, signs of an ancient civilisation:what are these giant balls? By Ann Liesowska, Siberian times Found 30 metres underground at a coal mine, they're dubbed 'Jurassic pearls' or the marbles of a Siberian colossus.

Siberia's 'Jurassic Pearls' Sign of Ancient Civilization; Giant Balls Stun Locals by Jessica F, Nature world News,

Are Siberia's 'Jurassic Pearls' the remains of an ancient civilisation? Bizarre colour-changing stones leave locals stumped by Will Stewart, Daily Mail, June 27, 2016

For some pseudo-eggs, look at:
Dinosaur eggs' discovered in Chechnya (Photos, Video)
RT News,

Huge Dinosaur Eggs Found in Chechnya, Scientists Claim
April 17, 2012 By Lama Hasan

Other web pages about meter-scale concretions.

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Hall of Ma'at -,604622,604622#msg-604622

2. Archaeologist claims boulder is the world's oldest man-made sphere, Hall of Ma'at,604086,604154#msg-604154


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