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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Late Pleistocene Patagonian Megafaunal Extinctions

Late Pleistocene Patagonian Megafaunal Extinctions

Megafauna mystery: What killed off the mastodons,
mammoths, and giant sloths? An Ice Age whodunit:
Scientists are gathering clues about what caused a
die off in giant prehistoric critters.
By Eva Botkin-Kowacki, June 17, 2016

Rising temperatures and humans were a deadly
combo for ancient South American megafauna
by Lizzie Wade, Science Magazine, June 17, 2016

The paper is:

Metcalf, J. L., C. Turney, and many others, 2016,
Synergistic roles of climate warming and human
occupation in Patagonian megafaunal extinctions
during the Last Deglaciation. Science Advances
17 Jun 2016: Vol. 2, no. 6, e1501682

Another paper is:

Barnosky, A. D., P.L. Koch, R. S. Feranec, S. L. Wing,
and A. B. Shabel. 2004. Assessing the Causes of Late
Pleistocene Extinctions on the Continents.
Science. V. 306, pp. 70-75.

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