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Monday, 13 February 2017

Modeling Impact Breaching of Europa's Ice Crust

Modeling Impact Breaching of Europa's Ice Crust

Life on Europa may have been sparked by COMETS: Rocks carrying biological material could have penetrated the moon's thick crust to reach the oceans beneath

The paper is:

Cox, R. and Bauer, A.W., 2015. Impact breaching of Europa's ice:
Constraints from numerical modeling. Journal of Geophysical
Research: Planets, 120(10), pp.1708-1719.

Another paper is:

Cox, R., *Ong, L.C.F., Arakawa, M., and *Scheider, K.C., 2008
Impact penetration of Europa’s ice crust as a mechanism for
formation of chaos terrain, Meteoritics and Planetary Science,
v. 43 (12), p. 2027-2048.


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