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Friday, 8 June 2007

OT- Rethinking Moqui Marbles??

OT- Rethinking Moqui Marbles??

Paul bristolia at
Thu Jun 7 08:31:25 EDT 2007

Mike Groetz wrote:

“Check out the last photo in this article- it (and
somewhat the others) resembles the Moqui marbles I
have. Except these are in pounds- not grams or ounces.

Some references,, which discuss the origins of the Moqui
Marbles are:

1. Chan, M.A. and W.T. Parry. 2002. Mysteries of Sandstone
Colors and Concretions in Colorado Plateau Canyon Country.
Utah Geological Survey Public Information Series. no. 77, 19 pp.

468 KB PDF version can be found at:

2. Chan, M.A., B.B. Beitler, W.T. Parry, J. Ormo, and G.
Komatsu. 2005. Red Rock and Red Planet Diagenesis:
Comparison of Earth and Mars Concretions. GSA Today.
vol. 15, no. 8, pp. 4-10.

PDF version can be found at:

3. Beitler, Brenda; Parry W.T. Chan Marjorie A. 2006.
Fingerprints of Fluid Flow: Chemical Diagenetic History of
the Navajo Sandstone, Southern, Utah, U.S.A. Journal of
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4. Chan, M.A., Parry W.T., Bowman J.R. 2000. Diagenetic
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2004, Utah Marbles and Mars Blueberries: Terrestrial Analogs
for Hematite Concretions of Mars. Second Conference on Early
Mars. Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas.

6. University of Utah, 2004, Earth Has 'Blueberries' Like Mars -
'Moqui Marbles' Formed in Groundwater in Utah's National

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