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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ash Creek the most expensive ordinary chondrite?‏

Ash Creek the most expensive ordinary chondrite?‏

oxytropidoceras at oxytropidoceras at
Tue Nov 3 11:56:15 EST 2009

Count Deiro wrote:
“Good morning, afternoon, or the case may be,

The ersatz material Jason called attention to this morning
proves the adage "that a sucker is born every minute."

These frauds are damaging to all who are engaged in the
field of meteoritics whether it's collecting, study, display,
trade or sale, as a avacation or lively hood.

The question the experts on the List feel any
obligation to take more comprehensive action to inform
the potential victims of these rascals? And what would
those actions be if a Listee was so inclined?”

The fundamental problem anyone, who engages in such action,
regardless of the truthfulness of their opinions, is going to be
vulnerable to all sort of lawsuits. Even if a lawsuit for either
libel or defamation is bogus, it can still be very costly in time
and money.That is why SLLAP lawsuits work all too well.



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