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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Latvia Meteorite Hoax

Latvia Meteorite Hoax

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Sat Nov 14 12:18:30 EST 2009

Dear Friends,

Below are a collection of articles about the Latvia Meteorite Hoax.

Geologist: Mazsalaca "meteorite" in Latvia is man-made,
Baltic Course, Oct. 27, 2009

Mobile Firm Admits 'Meteor' Was A PR Stunt
Sky News, Oct. 27, 2009,

Mobile firm behind meteorite hoax The Press
Association, Oct. 27, 2009,

The hole was too tidy to have been caused by
a meteorite, he said, BBC News, Oct. 26, 2009?

'Meteor' blast hoax revealed, by Harry Haydon,
The Sun,

Tele2 planned meteorite hoax with media agency
Inspired, The Baltic Course, Oct. 27, 2009


Paul H.

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