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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Newly Published Junk Science on Younger Dryas Impact

Newly Published Junk Science on Younger Dryas Impact

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Wed Nov 11 08:21:15 EST 2009

Dear Friends,

Dr. Firestone has outdone himself by publishing what is a rather
wretched piece of junk science on the Younger Dryas impact in
a new web "Journal". This paper is:

Firestone, R. B., 2009, The Case for the Younger Dryas
Extraterrestrial Impact Event: Mammoth, Megafauna, and Clovis
Extinction, 12,900 Years Ago. Journal of Cosmology. vol. 2,
pp. 256-285.

I say that this paper is wretched because it shows a clear lack
of understanding of the published literature concerning various
aspects of geology and geomorphology For example, it completely
confuses the playa lakes of the High Plains with the Carolina Bays.
He either ignore or overlooks data and ignoring the research,
including dating of these features, that has been conducted by Dr.
Vance Holliday and others that completely refutes any association
between these lakes and the hypothesized Younger Dryas impact.

In addition, in this paper, Dr. Firestone, excluding the rather small
Charity Shoal feature whose age is still unknown, again claims
without any credible evidence that there are major impact structures
in the Great Lakes. This is based upon the unsupported and refutable
claim that glacial erosion is incapable of producing the deepest
parts of the Great Lakes. No mention is made of the documented
fact that undisturbed glacial tills and lake sediments predating the
Younger Dryas impact fill the lake bottom depressions, which Dr.
Firestone claims to Younger Dryas Impact craters.

In another case, Dr. Firestone dismisses out of hand, without any
credible explanation, the OSL dates of Dr. Alexander Ivester of the
Carolina Bays as being the result of improper sampling. Having
corresponded with Dr. Ivester I know that he was very, very careful
in his sampling. The unsupported claims by Dr. Firestone of Dr.
Ivester engaging in careless sampling is not only entirely unfounded,
but is a quite ignorant and completely undeserved insult on Dr.
Ivester's ability as a very exacting Quaternary geologist and
geochronologist. Dr. Ivester is very well trained in geomorphology
and Quaternary and was trained by one of the best Quaternary
geologists in business in the Southeast, Dr. David Leigh. Also, if
Dr. Firestone would look at the geologicalmaps of the Pleistocene
terraces of the North Atlantic coastal plain, he would find that the
Carolina Bays are only found on fluvial and coast-wise terraces that
are older than Marine Isotope Stage 2, which readily refutes any
claim that they formed by a much younger Younger Dryas impact.

All this paper will accomplish is cause geologists and Quaternary
geologists to ignore the serious research being conducted by other
scientists into the validity of Younger Dryas hypothesis. This paper
shows the same basic illiteracy in geology and geomorphology
that characterizes "The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a
Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture."


Paul H.

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