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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Newly Published Junk Science on Younger Dryas Impact

Newly Published Junk Science on Younger Dryas Impact

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Wed Nov 11 09:34:47 EST 2009

Darren Garrison quoted:

"On Wed, 11 Nov 2009 8:21:51 -0500, you wrote:

scientists into the validity of Younger Dryas hypothesis.
This paper shows the same basic illiteracy in geology
and geomorphology that characterizes "The Cycle of
Cosmic Catastrophes: How a"Stone-Age Comet
Changed the Course of World Culture."

Darren asked

"Hi, Paul. Did you read that book?"

Yes, I read the book. After finishing it, I was thankful that I
only paid fifty cents for a hard copy of it at a garage sale. The
accuracy with which the book correctly explained and
represented basic geologic principles and the scientific
literature that it cited was somewhere between the worst of
the term papers that I graded in Physical and Historical
Geology laboratories and books written by Young Earth
creationists. The few geologist and geomorphologists, who
I know have bothered to read this book have very similar
opinions of it.

Darrel wrote:

"Did you manage to finish it?"

Yes, I did. I took a bunch of notes for a review of the book that
I was going to do for the Hall of Maat web page, but never
found the time to write.


Paul H.

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