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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

PDF Files of Papers About K-T and Alledged Younger Dryas Impacts

PDF Files of Papers About K-T and Alledged Younger Dryas Impacts

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I. Bass River Drilling Project - Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary

Ejecta layer at the K/T Boundary, Bass River, New Jersey by R. K. Olsson
and K. G. Miller

II. Chicxulub crater deep drilling project web page at:

III. PDF Files of Philippe Claeys's Papers

There are a number of links to PDF files of papers concerning the
Chicxulub Crater and the Cretaceous - Tertiary (KT) Boundary
Mass Extinction Event by Philippe Claeys towards on his web
page at:

They include:

Schulte, P., Speijer, R.P., Brinkhuis H., Kontny, A.,
Claeys, Ph., Galeotti, S., and Smit, J., 2008, Comment
on the paper: "Chicxulub impact predates K-T boundary:
New evidence from Brazos, Texas" by Keller et al.
(2007). Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 269,
pp. 614-620.

Tagle R., Erzinger, J., Hecht, L., Schmitt, R. T.,
Stoeffler, D., and Claeys, Ph., 2004, Platinum group
elements in impactites of the ICDP Chicxulub drill core
Yaxcopoil-1. Are there traces of the projectile ?
Meteoritics and Planetary Science. vol. 39, pp. 1009-1016,

Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J., Morgan, J., Stoeffler, D., and Claeys,
Ph.,2004, The Chicxulub Scientific Drilling Project (CSDP).
Meteoritics and Planetary Science, vol. 39, pp. 787-790.

Claeys, Ph., Heuschkel, S., Lounejeva-Baturina, E., Sanchez-
Rubio, G., Stoeffler, D., The suevite of drill hole Yucatan 6
in the Chicxulub impact crater. Meteoritics and Planetary
Science. vol. 38, pp. 1299-1317.

Claeys, Ph., Kiessling, W. and Alvarez, W., 2002, Distribution
of Chicxulub ejecta at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary.
Geological Society of America Special Paper no. 356, pp. 55-69.
Kiessling, W. and Claeys, Ph., 2001, geographic database
approach to the K/T boundary. In Geological and Biological
Effects of Impact Events. Eds. E. Buffetaut, and Koeberl C.,
Impact Studies, Springer Verlag Berlin p.83-140.

Jones, A.P., Claeys, Ph., and Heuschkel, S. Impact melting:
a review of experimental constraints for carbonate targets
and applications to the Chicxulub crater. In Impact and
Early Earth. Eds. I. Gilmour and C. Koeberl, Lecture Notes
in Earth Sciences, v. 91, p. 343-362, Springer Verlag Berlin.

Grajales-Nishimura, J. M., Cedillo-Pardo, E., Rosales-Domínguez,
C., Morán-Zenteno, J. D., Alvarez, W., Claeys, Ph., Ruíz-Morales,
J., García-Hernández, J., Padilla-Avila, P., and Sánchez-Ríos,
A., 1999, The Chicxulub impact: source for reservoirs and seals in
southeastern Mexico oil fields. Geology. vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 307-310.

Pope, K.O., Ocampo, A.C., Fisher, A. G., Alvarez W., Fouke,
B.W., Webster, C.L. Jr., Vega, F., Smit, J., Frische A. E.,
and Claeys, Ph., 1999, Proximal Chicxulub impact ejecta from
Albion Island, Belize. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
vol. 170, pp. 351-364.

Smit J., Roep, T.B., Alvarez W., Montanari, A., Claeys Ph.,
Grajales-Nishimura, J.M., and Bermudez, J., 1996, Coarse-grained,
clastic sandstone complex at the KT boundary around the Gulf
of Mexico: Deposition by tsunami waves induced by the Chicxulub
impact? Geological Society of America Special Paper, vol. 307, pp. 151-182.

Warren, P. H., Claeys Ph. and Cedillo-Pardo E., 1996, Mega-
impact melt petrology (Chicxulub, Sudbury, and the Moon):
Effects of scale and other factors on potential for fractional
crystallization and development of cumulates. Geological
Society of America Special Paper. vol. 307, pp. 105-124.

IV PDF files of some of his popular works can
be found in "Outreach to the media and public" at

They include comments by him about the hypothesized
terminal Pleistocene "Clovis Comet" impact. including:

Le monde, 21 June 2008, interview in article: "La
thÅse de la mÄtÄorite tueuse de Mammouths sucite
de vifs dÄbats" [click here for article].

Le monde, 05 January 2009, interview in article:
"Une crise Äcologique tombÄe du ciel il y a 12900 ans?"

De Standaard, De Morgen, Het Laatste Nieuws, the
3 major Flemish newspapers, 20 October 2009, articles:
"Mammoet stierf niet uit door buitenaardse inslag"

Le monde, 21 June 2008, interview in article: "La
thÅse de la mÄtÄorite tueuse de Mammouths sucite
de vifs dÄbats"


Paul H.

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