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Thursday, 12 November 2009

YD impact - doing as best they can

YD impact - doing as best they can

oxytropidoceras at oxytropidoceras at
Thu Nov 12 14:59:31 EST 2009

In response to " Newly Published Junk Science on Younger Dryas Impact" at:
E.P. Grondine stated:

"All I can do is re-iterate that there is no reason
for several of the peoples to have made up stories
of this impact, other than that it did occur. So I
have a very pro-impact bias, which you can dismiss
as nonsense based on fairly tales if you like.”

First a problem is that Native American oral history is not a
straight forward historical account as you insist that it is. It also
includes tribal religious beliefs and moral instruction. As a result,
history has been interpreted to support religion. Also, it contains
symbolism, which cannot be separate from historical observations.
Thus, it is a mistake to insist that Native American tradition be
interpreted literally just like Young Earth creationists insists the
Bible be interpreted literally. You are making materialistic
interpretations of literature that hopefully mixed together with
significant amounts of religious revelation, symbolism, and

Finally, the Native American oral history lacks any precise and
reliable chronology. Even though oral history make mentions
of an event, it is impossible for you or anyone else to argue that
an event described in oral history is contemporaneous a
hypothesize Younger Dryas event. The events that you talk may
have happened hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands years
before the were first recorded in written form. There is a lack of
any means of securely dating events described in oral history
even if their reality and character is correctly interpreted by you.

If civilization was to crumble in the near future and either the
“Stars Fell on Alabama” lyrics were to survive, in oral tradition,
this cataclysm, I can vision future archaeologists and
anthropologists arguing over whether this song is evidence of
the event that caused the fall of our civilization or an earlier
cataclysm at the end of the Pleistocene. If this song was only
preserved in oral history, there would be no way of
determining when the event recorded in this song occurred.

Grondine further wrote:

“Except for the sudden drop in population
evidenced by the ending of quarry usage."

This interpretation, as a number of interpretations is hotly disputed
and remains unsettled at this time.

“While Firestone is a nuclear physicist with little
geological training, in point of fact the layer with
the markers is thin - there was not much material
deposited by this impact, unlike Chicxulub and
Shiva. So unless Ivester was very careful in his
sampling, he could have missed it.”

You are completely confused here. Dr. Firestone’s comments
concerned only optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating)
done by Ivester. The dismissive remarks by Dr. Firestone had
nothing to with impact ejecta or indicators of any type. Your
comments about Ivester missing a thin impact layer are totally
beside the point and irreverent to the discussion.

... irreverent Vogon Poetry about NASA omitted...

Grodine continued:

“Also, it is entirely possible that neutron production
in impact threw off Ivester's OSL dates. (Odessa

If you take the time to read what is published about OSL dating, you will find that what you propose above scientifically bankrupt
nonsense. This is just a lame ad hoc hypothesis to arbitrarily
dismiss some unpleasant facts.

Grodine continued:

“As far as one point of impact goes, I can agree
with you about not being in the Lakes. Why?
The Five Nations would not have survived
and left us their account of it. I still favor the
Kiscoty, Alberta structure. Perhaps there are
other similar structures evidencing impacts in
ice sheets elsewhere, but then NASA is spending
$0 looking for them.”

Do you mean “Kitscoty”, not “Kiscoty”? The 2009 SEIS impact
crater database does not list any such reported impact structure.

...more Vogon Poetry about NASA and Morrison omitted...

Finally, Grodine stated:

“Dr. Firestone must be getting closer to nailing
this one down, or he would not upset you so.”

Given that Firestone has only managed with his latest article to
the get the attention of a single rather unimportant, insignificant
person, me, who only has a M.S. in Geology and the other
99.999 percent could care less about what he wrote in it, it
appears that Dr. Firestone nailed only his thumb and nothing
else according to the above logic.

In sharp contrast, the papers written by Dr. Kennett and others
have gotten the attention of major researchers and generated
additional research, and publication.

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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