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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tectonic Origin of Pit Chains (Iceland)

Tectonic Origin of Pit Chains (Iceland)

Ferrill, D. A., D. Y. Wyrick and K. J. Smart, 2011, Coseismic, 
dilational-fault and extensionfracture related pit chain 
formation in Iceland: Analog for pit chains on Mars.
Lithosphere. vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 133-142.

"...pit craters are readily explained by movement of poorly 
consolidated material downward into subterranean cavities 
produced by dilational fault and extension-fracture dilation 
in underlying cohesive material (basalt). Directly analogous 
geomorphic patterns on Mars and other planetary bodies that 
are visible in high-resolution surface imagery suggest that 
similar mechanisms of deformation and surface collapse 
may be at work on Mars and, potentially, other planetary 
bodies." -

Pit Crater Chain South of Arsia Mons by Circe Verba, May
13, 2009, Hirise, The University of Arizona.

Related publications are:

Ferrill, D. A., D. Y. Wyrick, A. P. Morris, D. W. Sims and 
N. M. Franklin, 2004, Dilational fault slip and pit chain 
formation on Mars. GSA Today; v. 14; no. 10, pp. 4-12.
PDF file at:

Ferrill, D. A., D. Y. Wyrick and K. J. Smart, 2008, Coseismic 
Pit Crater, Normal Fault, and Extensional Fissure 
Formation in Unconsolidated Sediment and Basalt in 
Northern Iceland. American Geophysical Union, Fall 
Meeting 2008, abstract #T24A-05

Paul H.

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