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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fossilized Fruit or meteorite

Fossilized Fruit or meteorite

In "Fossilized Fruit or meteorite" at:
Paul Gessler wrote,

“I don’t think that is a meteorite. But the “flow”
lines looked puzzling until I remembered my
experience with finding fossilized fruits on the
Queen Charlotte Islands in BC. Canada

I think it is a fossilized fruit of some sort.

Spinifructus antiquus

take a look here: sort of like a fig[1].jpg "

Dear Larry and Paul,

It does look like the internal mold of some sort of fossil fruit.
It is certainly does not look like a volcanic bomb. It would
be helpful in evaluating it if some sort of context, i.e. general
location to at least the county or nearest city / town, about
where it was found, of this find could be provided.

I would suggest that you join the “Fossil Forum” at

After you have joined, you can get the opinion of the fossil
collectors on this forum. They would likely know what this
specimen and its possible scientific significance might be.
If this is a fossil fruit, which are quite rare, it might be of
some scientific interest

For any fossil collectors on this list, The Fossil Forum an
excellent forum to meet and learn from other amateur and
professional fossil collectors. Meteorite collectors will find
that fossil collectors have the same concerns about
government regulations and laws that they do.

Best wishes,

Paul H.

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