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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Glorieta Meteorite Hunt - "Diggers" episode Tonight NGC

Glorieta Meteorite Hunt - "Diggers" episode Tonight NGC

In “Re: [meteorite-list] Glorieta Hunt - "Diggers" episode Tonight NGC”
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Michael Mulgrew Wrote:

“It is much more likely that their policies were a result
of real-world conflicts that happened on BLM land with
real life meteorite hunters and recent falls that occurred
just prior to the policy having been drafted. But wait,
your conjecture is a "could be" statement, too. Such a
vicious circle.”

An example of the “real life” occurrences and “know-
nothings” that make life difficult for the rest of us is:

Treasure Hunters Destroy Idaho’s Historic Oregon
Trail Ruts, Boise State Public Radio, August 28, 2103

Oregon Trail Ruts Damaged, BLM Seeks Information
Twin Falls Times-News, August 22, 2013


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