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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Beware of Predatory Journals

Beware of Predatory Journals

I get two to four invitations a month from such dodgy journals.
They are titled as to either mimic real scientific journals or sound
like legitimate publications.

Thirteen ways to spot a ‘predatory journal’ (and why we
shouldn’t call them that) Larissa Shamseer and David
Moher have taken a close look at what it is that sets
dodgy journals apart from the rest, March 27, 2017

Rise in 'predatory publishers' has sparked a warning for
scientists and researchers By Chris McLoughlin, ABC News,

Allen, M., 2018. Beware the Predatory Journal: It’s Not Just Fieldwork
That is Dangerous. SAA Archaeological Record. 18(3) pp. 6-9.{"issue_id":496953,"view":"contentsBrowser"}

Johal, J., Ward, R., Gielecki, J., Walocha, J., Natsis, K., Tubbs, R.S. and
Loukas, M., 2017. Beware of the predatory science journal: a potential
threat to the integrity of medical research. Clinical Anatomy. 30(6)

Beware! Academics are getting reeled in by scam journals
The number of predatory publishers is skyrocketing – and they’re
eager to pounce on unsuspecting scholars.
By Alex Gillis, University Affairs, January 17, 2017


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